About Us
Head snap Strip

Denny, a/k/a Jim Dandy, spent many years in the snack food business in Minneapolis, peddling frozen pizzas and meat snacks to local convenience and grocery stores. Being an independent sort and harnessing the pioneer spirit inherited from his South Dakota ancestors, Denny decided he wanted to discover the tastiest, most authentic, tooth-wrenching beef jerky and provide it to hungry customers.

After sampling hundreds of products, revelation came in the form of a request from son, and jerky connoisseur, Ed, “Can I have more of that one please?” Our customers will strongly support Ed and his taste.

Today, 20 years later, we sell three delicious varieties of this American beef jerky from our Minneapolis facility.

Preferred methods of indulgence

If you bite the product straight on, you can use the "head snap" technique. Tearing with the grain, the product strips lengthwise. Both techniques are displayed to the right. Order today, get head snapping tomorrow!